SEE: David Byrne & Annie Clark perform ‘Burning Down the House’ live

talking heads burning down the house

Annie Clark (of St. Vincent fame) and David Byrne (of David Byrne fame) are currently touring the United States of the Americas in support of their bombastic collaborative effort Love This Giant, which despite openly courting adoration, is little more than a distinctly decent effort. That’s interesting, you think, thank you for telling me, you say. Of course, one could leave it there, gifting the world yet another tasty morsel of knowledge, but there’s more to be had from it, for during a set in Minneapolis the worlds coolest musician and Annie Clark broke free from the so-so shackles of Love This Giant  to perform a version of The Talking Heads 1983 perma-jam ‘Burning Down the House’, complete with beautiful horn section, thus fulfilling the not so secret dreams of nearly everybody in the concert hall. Luckily for the multiple billions not attending that particular concert, this event was recorded by a friendly YouTuber by the name of David Malony, and can now be seen via the use of your senses somewhere north of these words.