SEE: David Bowie’s downstairs toilet in his ‘Love is Lost’ (“Hello Steve Reich” mix) video

David Bowie

Recently, David Bowie bumped into James Murphy during the anecdote of the year recording of Arcade Fire’s glorious, sound-of-my-soul tier single ‘Reflektor‘. Whilst there, they came to the conclusion that absolutely nothing bad could come out of them working together, and lo, it came to be that James Murphy’s “Hello Steve Reich” mix of ‘Love is Lost’ found its way into our terrible, fragile world. Now, David (and I think we know him well enough to call him that) has seen fit to pair Murphy’s aural treat with -in what we can only trust as his infinite wisdom- hand carved puppets of himself from his collection (of puppets of himself). He also finds time to utilize the same face projection technique that everyone really seemed to dig during his ‘Where Are We Now?’ video, marking the second rime anyone’s ever thought that was a good idea. It is, however, an absolute delight for fans of bathroom fixtures and thinly veiled allusions to Ashes to Ashes. I mean, just look at that tap, and that clown puppet! Truer delights, dear reader, cannot be found anywhere.

You can see that video above or hear the full ten and a half minute version here. Alternatively, spendthrifts can head over here to purchase the deluxe edition of The Next Day.


  • Dejahthoris

    Research further and you will find these were 2 of 3 puppets made by jim hensons creature shop for the never released pretty things vid in 1999. The third puppet was a ziggy stardust and is found on puppeteer rick lyons website.

    • AlecMisc

      That’s a fantastic fact, Henson did too much good for this world