SEE AND HEAR: Coachella Festival LIVE! Thanks Youtube

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There could be any number of reasons why you didn’t go to Coachella this year, be it monetary woes, or that fear of leaving your computer for more than 2 seconds you’ve been cultivating, or something to do with not living in America. Whatever hand karma’s dealt you, you aren’t there. PHYSICALLY that is, because the bloody good people of Youtube, and 5 gum (I dunno either) are streaming the affair, in its entirety, right at this link here! Now all that’s left is to slip into a pair of ill fitting shorts, get semi naked, put on a pair of shades, turn the heating up as far is it will go, and get your family and friends to crowd around you as you watch, for that full Coachella experience. Well wattaya waiting for ya dingus? Go watch some bands!