SEE: Sebastien Tellier drags the 80’s back kicking and screaming. 80’s respond by being violently neon


If there’s one thing I love about the 1980’s (and there isn’t, there’s literally bloody loads of things) it’s a synth pop classic. From Depeche Mode to The Human League and Yazoo, even this veritable horrorshow of industrial fashion and synchronised dancemoves, when you hear the melodic farty parps of a synthesizer, you can barely contain your groove muscles. Cochone Ville or Pig City to those uncultured swines amongst you not fluent in French, Sebastien Tellier’s first single from pop opus My God Is Blue, takes this notion to whole ‘nother level. If you haven’t writhed around on your laptop like your body is being slathered with nectar by a swarm of docile bees to the official video then break out the honey here. That’s not what we’re here for however. Today I bring you footage that looks like it came from a quiet night inside one of Jimmy Saville’s shellsuits, but was actually filmed by the good people at Cannes Film Festival. Imagine if you will, a¬†Parisian street artist down on his luck, gets picked up by Karl Lagerfeld and molded into something both rough around the edges and semi presentable on a low rent catwalk. Take this plebian and school him in the ways of classical piano and electro pop, then throw him onstage in a setting that’s Top of The Pop’s 1985 with the brightness turned up to full. The results would probably…. fuck all like the video above to be honest. I just like to imagine stuff okay?