VIDEO: Radiohead – Lotus Flower

242 thom yorkles

If you’re wondering why we’ve been slow on reporting on this, my answer is very simple: we’re mindblown. Or at least I was. Anyway, I imagine everyone has already seen this – ‘Lotus Flower’, a cut off Radiohead’s latest album ‘The King of Limbs’ has been given a suitably dancey video. Thom Yorke, in all his Thom Yorkey glory, gets into the music in a dreary looking warehouse, snazzy looking hat atop his little genius-filled barnet. Sometimes he sings, sometimes he is too busy dancing.

‘Lotus Flower’ itself is one of the finer cuts from tKoL, a dancey beat backed by a wandering bassline and holding Yorke’s urgent falsett aloft, the wind running through its high-pitched, floaty hair. As usual, I’m not entirely sure what Yorke is singing about so I’m not even going to bother being dry about it, but it’s a safe bet that it’s depressing so make your own RADIOHEAD R SO DEPRESSUING joke and insert it here.

Also it’s funny because in the still image for the video Thom is in a T shape. Maybe he’s trying to spell out tits… or testicles… maybe todger.