VIDEO: Twin Shadow – At My Heels

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I have a rabid infatuation with all things George Lewis Jnr aka Twin Shadow. It’s something I’m not ashamed to admit, because as much as Lady Gaga is actually half motorcycle, and Justice are suddenly terrible, it’s mainly out of my control. I don’t know what it is, it could be the tasty, cherry picked mix of 80’s influences he so expertly mashes together, ushering ¬†Joy Division and Morrissey into a song together one minute, then channelling funky, purple enthusiast, sex pest midget Prince the next. Or his uncanny ability to detach his head from his body, and float about the cosmos, giving us an eerie glimpse at what Superman era Marlon Brando and Ron Jeremy’s lovechild would look like. Or it could possibly (and most likely) be the fact he has a stash that could out-suave, John Oates of Hall and Oates, and a quiff that could happily serve as a nest for the aforementioned Purple One to see through the winter. Until I pinpoint it, there exists this video for ”Forget” album track ”At My Heels”, bringing together all the aspects I hold so dear! That’s bloody lucky isn’t it? Go catch yourself an itchy case of Georgeorrhea above. Just make sure to tell your partner at some point, before the facial fuzz starts coming through…