217 wu lyf

I once tried being a mystery. I replied to every question with a mildly spastic arm wave and never made eye contact, which proved almost as unpopular as the time I welcomed everyone with a stately “greetings, mortal” and then proceeded to reel off lines from THE BEST GAME EVER MADEFaçade. Still, it seems like some people manage to pull it off, people like WU LYF and their majestic Mancunian mystery. What can be seen above is the video for DIRT, the latest cut from their forthcoming début long player “Go Tell Fire To The Mountain” which features ANGRY BRITISH STUDENTS and UNUSUALLY SPACED TEXT in almost equal quantities alongside the prerequisite apocalyptic drums, floating guitars and ever present organ. As usually it’s beautiful in every way that matters and absolutely required viewing for those of you with the remaining motor functions it would require to press play.

Pre-order on vinyl here or CD here, or you could, y’know, go to your local record store or something….