VIDEO: Wild Beasts – Albatross


I’m aware I already served up my heart on a platter of first born Thresh to Wild Beasts, here, but Albatross’ accompanying promo, is just the visual palette cleanser/industrial strength bleach you need to scrape away the dirty protest of the eyes, that is Adam Green’s film. So the band don’t have any drug addled, strangely stretched, former child stars in their video…They have fucking LAMPS. 5 of the bloody things! Can you comprehend how much illumination that is!? At least enough for a small group of people to squint their way through a thin book on an evening! Also I’m not sure I appreciate the vibrancy of The Wrong Ferrari. Don’t get me wrong, Green doubled over a pedestal, ready to be rodgered by a dildo is a novelty everyone can enjoy, but when its so bright it’s like I’m in a fight with a childrens colouring book that’s been soaking in a bucket of red bull, you can ram as many sex toys you want up your arse, I’m no longer interested. No dull, off colour white, absoloutley everywhere is my bag, it should feel like an Enya video directed by this guy, or resemble Arcade Fires collective complexion. Hayden even has a beard/stash combo that emulates Jonathan Ross’ recent foray into the world of facial fuzz, and there’s a woman I’m sure is a run down Zooey Deschanel, on interpretive dance duties. I think it’s clear which I prefer.

(That being said, one of the band getting their dick out, and shining laserpens at it would have improve the video tenfold. I’ll give you that one Adam.)