VIDEO: Planningtorock – The Breaks

237 planningtorock

Ready for your daily dose of piping hot DFA action? No, not that DFA. This DFA. Good, now we’ve got that cleared up and you’ve gotten over the WORST NAME FOR A MUSICIAN EVER you can finally settle down and gaze upon that attractive elongated pixel box you can see above. Thanks to the wonders of The Internet (yeah, me either. I heard some cool kids with backwards caps talking about it, I’m just trying to fit in) when you click the play button some sounds and images will sync up to provide you with “The Breaks” and its typical beautiful track/atmospheric video combo. After all, who doesn’t like mother/daughter matching nose prosthetics? I live for that shit.

Done watching it yet? Start looking forward to her DFA début (although not actual début, see Have It All for that particular accolade) “W” in TWO WHOLE DAYS (That’s May 16th, 2011 to those viewing this in the future).


  • If I want to listen to something like this, I’d probably either put on Zola Jesus or if I wanted to delve into the past where this probably got its inspiration, Cocteau Twins.