VIDEO: Metronomy – The Bay


There was once a time you could glance upon Metronomy main man  Joe Mount and see something of yourself looking back. An awkward individual, whose lopsided pop was built upon a thousand tales of heartbreak and car vandalism, a number only bested by the amount of not-good-not-bad-but-unique hair days he’s had (we’ve all been through that phase…right?) I hate to be the one to break this to you, but its time to pack away those pound shop pushlights. Your cartoon aping wardrobe of black t-shirts has long since gone stale. And for gawds sakes seek out a lanky bassist funky enough to make James Brown look like Jameroquai, and a female drummer so gawjus you’re only a step away from getting a full back tattoo of her face (girls like that sort of thing yeah?) I only bring you these tips because if the above video for The Bay shows anything, its that Mountles has now entered the exclusive club of indie suaveness (previous members include Sebastien Tellier and Jarvis Cocker…) He exists in a world where effortlessly wafer thin models lick the very ground you walk on like your skin is made of chocolate and you have a bad case of athletes foot*. A world where the spectrum of pastille his clothing exudes, turns the contrast up on his surroundings, meaning Torquay becomes Miami mingling with France. A world where this beautiful fashion week Frankenstein exists.

It could be that or maybe they’ve just got a good director for the video. Either way these beige chinos aren’t leaving my legs.