VIDEO: I Am Shell I Am Bone – Gazelle Twin

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What do you get if you take the refrigerator-doing-a-duet-with-a-vacuum-cleaner stylings of drone duo Sunn O))), the beat heavy art rock of These New Puritans and then dress it up with a disturbingly clear pop sensibility? Well, if those aforementioned musical elements included the kind of shamelessly abstract music video that you’d expect to see projected onto a brick wall in your favourite hipster hang out (looking at you, Nation Of Shopkeepers) it’d end up something like ‘I Am Shell I Am Bone’ from multi-talented singer song writing person Elizabeth Walling’s project Gazelle Twin. It’s also going to be released for free on the 25th of April via “The website of composer and musician, Elizabeth Walling and her solo project Gazelle Twin.” (what, you want me to link to it again? JESUS. Fine, here you go. Just don’t expect anything for Christmas.).

GOOD NEWS: The Guardian liked it! Which means if you’re big into centre left newspapers, you’re going to fucking love this.