VIDEO: Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off

381 mount kimbie

Harsh times are upon us, the Chrimbo comedown is in full effect, all that hedonistic partying has taken its toll and the grind if not already back in your life, looms over you like a spiritually draining sword of Damocles. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, might I suggest you listen to the above song in the tiniest of doses? It’s only Kimbie’s Before I Move Off, is steeped in such heart-string tugging, swoonsome emotion, that its enough to tip the strongest of characters over the edge, and have them living out the rest of their days emulating Bill Murray circa Lost In Translation. It’s as if the duo’s aesthetic was to cherry pick the most spine tingling snippets of songs, stretch them out, in turn giving you a track that is a constant peak, and enough to make you cry harder than a fat bridesmaid at a wedding. So the video reads like they just used their ”JAPAN TOUR 2010! LOLZ11!” folder from Facebook, then tried to give you seizure, they have to get their kicks somehow…