VIDEO: Metronomy – The Look

299 Beach-House

Because MiscMusic is so brilliant and amazing and all that, we already posted about this, what seems like a lifetime ago. Who cares though? When it comes to Metronomy, different rules apply. Multiple posts don’t count whatsoever, infact, in the interest of giving the band 0.001% publicity, I might just post this song again after I’m done with this write up. It truly is that good. The Look is everything that shaky pixelated mash of colours and noises Youtube promised, only now you can hear it fresh from the studio as Joe Mount intended. It’s clear from the reverb heavy synth beginning, atmospherics are high, relying heavily on stripped back emotion where previously it would be dense layering and electronics. The whole track has a more human, ”band” feel to it, finding itself caught between spaghetti western suaveness, and the cigarette smoking, moustache twiddling Parisian Pop. I need this album now. Seriously Joe if you’re reading this, send MiscMusic a copy. Or Anna Priors phone number at least…