(MAYBE) MUSICAL CROSS PROMOTION PT3: Goblin/Tyler The Creator Promo: Thurnis Haley Golf Wang

You know when OFWGKTA’s main man and annoying hyperactive 12 year old, Tyler announced he was releasing his new album ”Goblin”, in a physical format, that you can walk into a shop and pick up with those uncoordinated slabs of meat you call hands? AND THEN the group ushered you over to that secluded corner of the Adult Swim site, and mentioned that they’d been given not 2, not 3, but ONE show all their own? The promised mix of Jackass and The Chapelle Show, (or Blackass as it’s so imaginatively been dubbed) made my heart skip a SWAG as well. I assume you’ve already pressed the little sideways triangle, and watched the video above by now, but if you haven’t stop being so bloody patient, get that cursor up there! Thurnish Hayley, a suburban middle class black guy (not entirely a hard role for Tyler to get into then…), with a pechent for all things golf, and dodgy facial hair awaits you, somehow tying both Goblin and an inkling to what Blackass might be like, together in one lulzy promo. Whatever will they do next?!

Oh and Free Earny and I’M DISSAPOINTED IN YOU STEVE and all that stuff…