LIVE: Radiohead – The Daily Mail

199 radiohead live

During what can only be described as the least secret set of all time (see: every news source on the planet confirming that they’ll be playing several hours before the event) Radiohead took to the stage at everybody’s favourite celebration of mud and drugs music, Glastonbury. While performing that set, with a little help from Doppelgänger Of The Year Clive Deamer, they decided to unveil the long whispered, often delayed track “The Daily Mail”. Turns out that their oft-rumoured move into into post-avant Mongolian space funk ha failed to materialise once again, leaving us with a beautiful, piano led piece which builds towards a somewhat epic climax in the OK-Computer era vein that includes LARGE BEATS and A DROP. Listen to it above.

IN OTHER NEWS: Since when did Radiohead do Counting Crows covers?