VIDEO: LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

302 lcd_soundsystem

Ever notice that certain something missing from your life? Holding you back from the true joy and fulfilment that other seem to be able to gain while you wonder just how they do it? Yeah, well, you can forget about all that crushing internal misery for a few seconds and watch The Muppets star in a (ever so slightly unofficial) LCD Soundsystem video for “Dance Yrself Clean” and not only that! You even get to observe some Brits guffawing at stuffed animals being manoeuvred around for 9 minutes, seemingly entranced by the men with sticks prodding the poor things into a pale imitation of consciousness. What a world this is.

NOTE OF INTEREST: See those English people in the video, notice how they neither wear top hats or have bad teeth? It’s almost as if we’re not a bunch of walking stereotypes after all, who knew?


  • Mames Jurphy

    Retire. Stop doing things and retire right this instant James.
    Your music doesn’t even bother me, but what you’ve done is essentially career finish procrastination.
    ”It’s finishing….LOL JK NEW TOUR.”