VIDEO: James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake

You love James Blake, right? Not the weird kid who always wears a suit in the year above me, the trendy-as-fuck soulstep producer who is making the world over swoon with his hazy creations. Well, if you do, you’re in luck! He has released yet another vaguely arty video to promote his upcoming debut LP. In this video, we are given tantalising shots of Blake as one of the, perhaps, more vague tracks off his album plays in the background, filling empty spaces with its lethargic, robotically-driven curves. The track builds up to a climax and Blake manages to look even more depressed.

If you don’t like James Blake, then why are you even reading this? This blog has been giving him a sly handjob underneath the dinner table round his mother’s house since before I was here. See the video below.


  • You make me LAUGH OUT LOUD every day. I have now started avoiding your blog while at work because of this. Don’t ever change! xxxxxxxxxxxx