IMPRESSIVE: Tanlines debut interactive, 360-degree video for “Brothers”


MiscMusic giveth, MiscMusic taketh away. Such is life when you a music blog becomes self aware, wrangles power away from it’s meek and timid creators to gain complete control over itself. So we’re sorry, Tanlines. Although we did write about you a bunch back in the halcyon days of 2010, we should have called and that was wrong. Can we ever get back to how it was? Probably not, but consider these underwhelming words consolation for what can only be described as a Bloody Poor Show. So while I might not have been paying much attention to their fixed viewpoint antics, I do appreciate when any band throws some wild ‘n’ crazy technology in along with their (in this extremely particular case) breezy, tropically tinged synth pop, which is what we get in Tanlines video for Brothers. It’s got that whole 360-degree thing happening with it, giving us the perfect opportunity to sit on a virtual chair to spin around and around and around while  Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm do some stuff with their mouths and instruments. It’s like you’re really in the presence of cool people!