Iamamiwhoami – ;john


To quote white boy word-smith, one man inferno of shouty redemption rap and emperor black hoody, Eminem, ”Ponder I ask of you, who has returned. This individual has traversed from where they once came. Iamamiwhoami is the aforementioned explorer. Inform an acquaintance.” Tell me you remember that classic? Just when you thought you’d have to find your Nordic, kinky, scantily clad, cum guzzling thrills elswhere (If only there existed a sordid interconnected network of easily accessible pages for such things…one can only dream…) part Mandragora, part electro pop sex pot Jonna Lee has returned, soft focus videos, and her gaggle of exhibitionist y-front friends in tow. As usual her Youtube is serving up a steamy dollop of WHATTHEFUCKDOESITALLMEAN?!, this time in the form of ; john, a shoegaze infused, clattering pop opus, not entirely different from her acclaimed ”IAMBOUNTY” set of singles, if not several  Carol Smileys higher on the optimism spectrum. As is now the norm, the video leads you into a plush mystical realm, where nature fights it out with the sterility of our modern world, before giving your inquisitiveness a good kicking in. Just who is this semi colon John, and why is it necessary to belittle his bowels? Will Topshop be stocking those ”Man Who Fell To Earth” themed baby grows any time soon? And what with all the focus on vadge grabbing is it safe to assume Jonna’s the avant garde heir to crotch bothering pop king Micky Jackso? All questions I’ll be pondering as I slip into a pair of tighty whitey’s, and fling myself around like The Drums doing an impression of David Brent whilst sobbing uncontrollably in my room tonight.


  •  I like this. Will someone else please tell me if they like it too?! Stop reading the NME and come here please.

    • Anonymous

      Plenty of people read, it’s just getting people to comment is a serious chore..