VIDEO: Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane


You might not be aware of this dear blog skimmer, but you’ve probably been introduced to Hunx, several notches too intimately than you feel is necessary for an introduction. If you’re a Girls fan, chances are you’ve inadvertently glimpsed the Californian king of camp, have his cock grappled and sang into, more casually than Snooki on a bender. Don’t fret oh prudish ones, unless he whipped it out in the studio, HAHP latest gives its full attention to the sentimental. A doo wop, Ramones aping ramshackle, over which  Hunx forlornly lisps his way around a spoken word tale of angst and love (brilliantly managing to pull off a limp wristed southern drawl more over the top than Seth Galifiankis and 2011 Kanye West put together). Get a healthy slice of pop gutter punk, and 2 of your 5 daily ”snarl” and ”sneer” sessions below.