VIDEO: Deerhunter play Memory Boy on Letterman

303 deerhunter

Excluding the musicians surrounding David Letterman’s bespectacled ball bag sidekick, I get the feeling ol gap tooth doesn’t particularly enjoy having bands on his show. Seriously take to look at his mush after he blurts out ”DEERHUNTER!”. The sort of pained grimace a man desperately needing a shit during a funeral would make. Either he’s adverse to any type of instrumentation that isn’t intro/outro jingles, or he’s just preparing his body for the pure, relentless amazingness that is Deerhunter live. As good as Memory Boy is on record, its live incarnation is like having buckets of the finest chugging, twinkling twee poured down your eardrums. Bringing more chutzpah, a Barrowful of drive, approximately 20 percent extra jangle and what appears to be Neil Hamburger doing an impression of Noel Fielding on key duties. Its been too long since we had a band this joyously gargantuan.

Alternate Letterman Opinions of Deerhunter: ”Nice” and ”Pretty good”. High praise indeed