CONSIDER: Yuck perform on Jools Holland, urge to make joke about them being disgusting resisted.

204Yuck Pic 2

That is a picture of Yuck. Look at his hair! It’s like the band thought that fans of 80s/90s American-stoner-sludge-indie-college-alternative-grunge-slacker-rock-pop-core would be more forgiving of their blatant attemps to rip the genre off and give it a friendly sheen to appeal to Fred Perry-wearing knuckle-headed fuckwads who think Mumford and Sons are actually good and watch Skins with horny envy by recruiting a member who looks like Buzz from the Melvins. Well it’s not working, Yuck. I’m not going to forgive you for Cajun Dance Party this quickly!

Anyway, Peter Pettigrew lookalike and jazzy son of a gun Jewels Holland decided that it would be appropriate to broadcast this collection of vibrations on national television, and you can masturbate to the result below. Take a break from my possibly-ironic dickheadery and finger that neck like you’re J Mascis:




(Yes I do wish I had enough money to buy Fred Perry polo shirts)

  • Fionn

    Saw these the other night. I instantly thought Sonic Youth/Pixies. They need more stage¬†presence but my oh my do I like an attractive woman on bass. Bit of trivia: one of the members is from Cajun Dance Party (who I don’t miss one bit). I think I’ll pop along and see them at Bestival.