VIDEO: Best Coast – Crazy For You

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Oh Beth, you’re so crazy and internet friendly, it’s almost like you were genetically designed to create an insatiable blog frenzy around your slender ankles… Need further proof of her command of internet culture? Just check out her video for the bands latest single Crazy For You. It features not only HILARIOUS cat hijinks (lol! look, that cat has a fake blackberry! lol!) but also several dramatic and annoying aspect ratio shifts during the video itself, which is mind bendingly annoying for the freakishly pedantic (hey there). All of this provides the visual accompaniment to the least interesting cut from their 2010 LP, also called Crazy For You.

If all those words get on top of you there, here’s a consice run down in handy list format.


– Forced internet culture

– Boring song

– Endless pages of eye searing comment on the I Can Haz Cheezburger website


+ Beth Costino is still gorgeous

+ Cats


  • caffy b

    wtf i LUV this song, i retweeted but now i’m undoing it cos beth cos is my bby