VIDEO: Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick

269 actic monkeys

As almost inexplicably out of the blue as The King Of Limbs release, Arctic Monkey’s have returned, with a ”choon” custom built to pound into your mind the notion that Alex Turner wants to do everything imaginable, as long as its on a brick by brick basis. Forget fiddly fretwork, and lyrics from a Turner poetry anthology, the sound this time around is Oasis-lite (or if you want to get technical, the lads have a bad case of Beady Eyearrhea…). Prepare to be built up (brick by brick), and taken apart (brick by brick), and feel underwhelmed (brick by brick), and for the band to try and step into the Gallagher bro’s, styled by Pretty Green desert boots, (brick by…you get the idea) below.