Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart sits down for a chat, puts on a pair of glasses at one point

  • 24 Jun 10

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In what might be one of the most cramped, awkward and poorly conducted interviews of all time Xiu Xiu’s professional bizzaro genius Jamie Stewart put himself in the back of a van for an interview with thenewgay.net for a discussion on accessibility, Morrissey love and the possibility of a ‘rabid’ fan base. Finally giving me some clear indication on HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE FUCKING NAME (“Choo Choo”) and providing some generally clear insight into a surprisingly cheery man it’s a interesting enough interview to make it onto MiscMusic on a relatively slow news day. Congratulations.

If you haven’t heard Xiu Xiu before, I’ve embedded a choice track below, because I’m sweet like that.

BONUS ROUND: Check out these tags from the interview “xiu xiu, jamie stewart. indie music, queer, bisexual, morrissey, freddy mercury” Subtle.