WU LYF – "I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teef Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God"

  • 28 Jul 10

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Usually shunning any form of publicity whatsoever (WU LYF are known for changing their name every now and then to throw people off the scent…my personal favourite being ‘Vagina Wolf’) here is ANOTHER promo video from elusive Mancunian masters of ”sticking it to the journo’s man” (right on!) WU LYF. Glorious as ever, lead singer Ellery’s vocals growl and wail, like a scrapyard dog, with a 40 a day addiction, and a love for gargling cheese-graters. The track itself is especially out of character, channelling much more of a tropical influence, emanating in contorted, world weary version of Wild Beasts. Whoever, or whatever they are, (and despite some Nathan Barley esque websites….) you can hear the throat shredding, ball busting, passion shining through any scenester perceptions…fingers crossed they don’t change their bloody name again any time soon…


(Video possibly NSFW, unless your line of work sees you beating up natives until they bleed paint, in which case it would be just fine…)