We Are Scientists – I Dont Bite

  • 11 Sep 10

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So what if your latest album fell into a vast mediocre chasm between your first and second efforts, I say. These are trivial problems when you’ve got videos as super cool as We Are Scientists do. Really, they’re worth the permanent damage you inflict on your retinas by watching them 6 or 20 times in a row. So don’t feel bad about pressing play on their video for ‘I Dont Bite’, the latest single from two of the most relentlessly cool chaps on the face of the planet. Here’s their own introduction;

This is the mind-bending clip for “I Don’t Bite,” a song from the Barbara album. In it, indescribable shit happens. This video causes seizures in pregnant women and should be avoided by those with a history of psychological illness or who have gone to high school. Directed by Dan Monick

This even happens

Sorry, have you not clicked play yet? Maybe you should.

P.S guys, you totally killed it (whatever it is) at Leeds Fest.