Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun

  • 19 Feb 10

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Starting out as a song from Ezra’s rap outfit and then redone with that Vampire Weekend treatment “Giving Up The Gun” is the best thing they’ve ever produced, which isn’t that hard considering the amount of distaste for the lads on the Misc.Music . Still with its twinkling xylophone, beefed up drums and squiggly little guitar turns it ends up being the least Vampire Weekend like VW song ever, never a bad thing at all. As for the video its an odd little tennis game featuring Joe Jonas (Really…) and future Prince of Persia/former teenager who sees giant bunnies, Jake Gyllenhaal! The band are all mildly tennis looking too, which is a nice touch, drawing attention to the fact that Ezra looks way too much like a chubby, airbrushed Roger Federer

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.