The Holidays – Golden Sky

  • 04 Aug 10

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Not to be confused with chirpy indie lads The Holloways or busty pop lasses The Saturdays (click on that one at your peril), The Holidays are a Australian band who’ve recently signed to (that suddenly awesome) Passport Label who drag over new hotness for across our merry little planet and force sounds into our uneducated ears, something like that anyway. Today they seem quite keen on you hearing ‘Golden Sky’ by the aforementioned band (I’ve had the promo single for weeks but due to it not coming out until for a little while I was going to hold off until it came out all proper like, never mind), and for good reason. It’s loaded with the kind of energy that causes unavoidable pleasure, from the bongo laden start (you heard) to it’s euphorically epic ending it’s a total joy to behold.

Hear it above, it’s due out on the 30th of August.