The Cribs – Housewife

  • 11 Aug 10

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To The Cribs,

Listen guys, this isn’t easy for me to say…. I mean, we’ve had some great times. All the way from your self titled LP to ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ you’ve hardly put a step wrong. And remember the time I saw you live, huh? Wasn’t that fun? I won’t ever- i can’t forget those times we had together but I think what we have is coming to an end. You just can’t release singles like this and expect me to accept your new Cure-gone-dull sound.

I wish I could tell you it was not you, but it really really is. I’m sorry.


  • Joe

    Have to say this sounds more like something from the first album that they’ve done in years. The ”synth” is closer to an organ sound if anything, definitely a step in the right direction, progression, but a positive step back to their older material/songwriting style. Just my two cents as an actual Cribs fanatic