Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light

  • 14 Apr 10

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By all rights this should be fucking abysmal. Peddlers of accessible camp poppiness for the late 30 year old female hair dresser who drives an Audi TT and has bleached blonde, short hair crowd Scissor Sisters have been constantly shit and uncredible since the dawn of time. As I said, this should be poor.

But it’s not . Oddly they’ve pulled something interesting off, its a credible and interesting take on the new disco revival we’re currently on the cusp of. “Invisible Light” is a about as insanely camp as you can get, with its Frankie Goes To Hollywood meets your 80’s dream playlist for some disturbing love making sessions sound. By the end of the 6 minute duration you might even forget you’re listening to the same people who did this to a Pink Floyd song… Maybe.