Phantogram play "Mouth Full Of Diamonds" & "When I'm Small" live in session

  • 26 Jun 10

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Phantogram are pretty great, they also deserve more attention than they’re currently getting. So, it’s entirely my pleasure to bring you a couple of tracks from their debut album “Eyelid Movies” as played live in The Alternative Side’s very own studio. I know what you’re thinking, that if I loved them so much why aren’t they in YOUR studio? Rest assured though, we would’ve had them in our studio if only we had the resources, the contacts, or indeed a studio. These are only trivial points, it’s the thought that matters. Check out the gorgeous “Mouth Full Of Diamonds” and “When I’m Small” above and below respectively.


  • Chris

    Alec. There are times when I think you can read my mind. I was listening to Eyelid Movies on repeat all of yesterday and then I see this.
    I would love to see them live!

  • I only live to serve you, Chris.