Mystery Jets – Dreaming Of Another World

  • 02 Jun 10

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Hello, Mystery Jets. Oh how you have been sort of missed in the time you’ve been away from our ears, and well, it just so happens to be approaching those glorious summer months. Shouldn’t you really be releasing poppy singles once again? Oh… wait.. Mystery Jets are back (still keeping the prefix “the” at the door) with “Dreaming Of Another World” which goes some way to strip away that formally trendy 80’s sheen that ravaged their last LP but keeps the windows down, summer vibe that’s made them compelling over the last few years. They even bring in some Marr-esk melodic touches to the production which is nearly always a lovely touch, so all in all, nothing ground breaking. But did you expect that? Their new album titled ‘Serotonin’ will crash land in your daddy’s hand on the 7th of June with these titles

‘Alice Springs’
‘Too Late To Talk’
‘The Girl Is Gone’
‘Flash A Hungry Smile’
‘Show Me The Light’
‘Dreaming Of Another World’
‘Lady Grey’
‘Waiting On A Miracle’
‘Lorna Doone’