Misc.Music's top 3 most ear churningly poor Christmas songs ever.

  • 15 Dec 09

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Slow news

We here at Misc.Music love Christmas, we also hate to see a slow news day go to waste, so in honour of that great tradition here is a top 3 of piss poor christmas songs, starting with….

Jingle Bells – Basshunter

A juggernaut in the world of awful Christmas song’s Basshunters attempt at the almost un-fuck-up-able yuletide classic¬† “Jingle Bells” and yet, the inexplicably popular Basshunter managed to fuck it up. Seriously, try to go the full 3 minute duration without feeling like your being fisted in the ear by the man himself while he laughs manically, literally feeling you shed your innocence away.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Christmastime

Hey, did you know that The Pumpkins did a Christmas song? Ha ha! Yeah, no, really. You shouldn’t. There’s just something slightly unsettling about Billy Corgan singing about a happy Christmas, it somehow becomes unsettling and menacing. Creepy.

Cliff Richard – Mistletoe and wine

Fucking hell cliff, what is it about you that makes me want to destroy things. Your soothing voice and inexplicable national treasure status somehow combine to create a rage filled hole for me to stew in. Still check out that dance he does at 2:25, like a funky zombie.

Feel free to comment below on your most hated Christmas song or why you actually really like that Basshunter song.


  • Impossible to last the full 3 minute duration of that – If you want truly dreadful christmas singles check out any and I mean ANY X-factor type stuff.

    Christ, it's like being repeatedly punched in the face by some pre-pubescent whining child.