Miike Snow – The Rabbit

  • 03 Jun 10

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Remember all the elements that made up Sam Sparrow? The funk come soul synth combination that won him a massive one hit wonder? Yes well, whilst he’s wandered off to wait for his royalty checks more deserving artists have wandered in to fill his shoes. Most notably Swedish group Miike Snow who after releasing their debut album on to the world 7 or so months ago have turned to releasing entirely new material to fill the giant potential void left by the aforementioned Mr Sparrow. So what of “The Rabbit” then? Well, it’s definitely not a song about vibrators but what it is, is undeniably more of the same. Those expecting a transformation into a hair metal band of a space rock outfit might well feel more comfortable elsewhere, this is more of the same radio friendly throbbing synth soul you -may- have come to love, complimented by a video so abstract you might expect it from the ever deranged mind of Eric Werehiem.