Lightspeed Champion – Madame Van Damme

  • 10 Apr 10

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“Madame Van Damme” just so happens to be Dev ‘s second single from “Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You” and while its place on the album is obviously there for a “This should definitely be a single” purpose, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be ignored in context with the rest of the aforementioned album, it actually works rather well. That’s all beside the point though because not it has a video! Huzzah for that then, it doesn’t actually reference the tounge in cheek prostitution aspect but who really cares? Its got Dev doing his best trolololo guy impression on drums, awesome.

Click here to see the video courtesy of NME and their fucking annoying embed restrictions (Just kidding, we love you guys) Fuck that, have a YouTube video instead! See above