LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

  • 26 Mar 10

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It’s been so long LCD, I thought you’d pulled a Jimmy Mack on us and left for good, but you haven’t! Which is good. Yes friends, he’s back with his “More guitar driven” album, or at the very least, the first song from it. And the video’s in HD too, so if you’re up for looking at the worlds “LCD Soundsytem” in HD, they’ve got your arse covered. As one very astute commenter said it sounds like “some kinda cross between Bowies Boys Keep Swinging and White Light White Heat” which is amazingly true. So the end result is… Fun? seems like all those hankering for an album full of “Someone Great” and “New York I Love You” might well be let down. Still its going to be interesting to see how the rest of the album pans out. Just please, don’t call it “Internet sensation!