Kings of Leon – Radioactive

  • 08 Sep 10

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So there’s two Kings Of Leon related camps. There’s the “I liked Kings Of Leon before “Only By The Night” camp, this tribe is mainly (but not totally) occupied by middle aged men who miss Lynyrd Skynyrd more than they miss watching new episodes of Columbo. And of course then there is the “OH MY GOSHm SEX ON FIRE IS LIKE MY FAVOURITEST SONG EVER!!!!1” group, mainly (but probably totally) occupied by brain dead fucktards. So it’s only natural that unfairly popular super twats Kings Of Leon attempt to appeal to both disparate teams on their latest single.

“Radioactive” is effectively a rip off of so many songs I can’t even think of them all, familiar elements of tried and tested favourites all mashed together with pre-OBTN vocals from Caleb ‘We know you’re sick of Kings of Leon. We’re fucking sick of Kings of Leon too‘ Followill. From the squiggly guitar riff that runs the course of the song to the shape of a million discarded Cold War Kids demos it’s about as safe as physically possible without being either interesting or offensive (I would prefer either). Needless to say this will be played on every radio station ever, and will sell millions.

Welcome to ‘meh’ country, you’re going to fit right in.