Kele's "Tenderoni" get's a partially naked video, see it.

  • 05 May 10

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Kele starts out in Bloc Party, Bloc Party get progressively electronic, Kele leaves Bloc Party and then subsequently releases a song called “Tenderoni”, it’s electronic.It’s now got a video featuring some people dancing, some blue lighting and topless men. Wonderful

There, you’re up to speed. What “Tenderoni” is, happens to be fucking dreadful. It’s combination of “Wearing my Rolex” and Kele’s increasingly pained vocal skills makes for reasonably unpleasant listening. Also, on another note who names a fucking song “Tenderoni”? There’s now 3 songs called “Tenderoni”, I refuse to believe that 3 separate artists imagined that a combination of “Tender” and “Pepperoni” would be a great idea, why not try “Angerlami” (A combination of anger and salami) or maybe even “Indifferenwurst” (Indifferent & Bratwurst) as a delicious alternative*.

*Serving suggestion