Jamie Smith (That guy who doesn't sing in the XX) – Far Nearer

  • 30 Sep 10

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Let me being by saying I am not going to -and never will- refer to Jamie Smith as ‘Jamie xx’, no matter how much that sex offender voiced presenter insists that’s what he’ll be called (it looks like it’s stuck), really I won’t. And now that that particular unpleasantry has been taken care of we can move swiftly on to the real topic at hand, yes, the XX pad pusher himself has written a little solo song for the world to hear. He’s calling it “Far Nearer” and it’s essentially what you get when you mix the steel drum lined perfection of Lemonade’s ‘Lifted‘ and the XX’s remix of part time Kate Bush soundalike and full time Noel Fielding lookalike Florence Welch’s ‘You Got The Love’ (yes, it’s a remix of a cover of a cover. Deal with it). Actually, it’s not as good as either of those, but what else are you going to do with those 5 minutes, hm?

That’s what I thought.