James Yuill – On Your Own

  • 14 Jun 10

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Folktronica incarnate James Yuill has been fairly quiet over the last two years except a couple of remix EP’s, working on a whole new LP chock full of songs that he wrote ‘nd that. He’s been calling it ‘Movement In A Storm’ and it’s going to get released on the 21st of June, which is jolly exciting. But let’s turn our attention to his latest single first, it’s called ‘On Your Own’ and presumably isn’t a reference to this song, as it turns out he appears to have spent his last 2 years stripping away all that darned folk from folktronica and instead leads the charge with a distinctly -ahem- electronic sound. Bringing all the arms in the air synth your mortal body can handle along with a deliciously bizzare video.You can be mildly pleased with the outcome above.

£5/$7.37 says this will end up on an advert for electronic appliances, just you fucking wait.


  • Chris

    I saw him live in Leeds on Friday. He’s one of those artists that sounds great on record but amazing live. He stretched out a few songs from Turning Down Water For Air for a good 7 minutes each and they sounded phenomenal.
    I do prefer his traditional folktronica stuff (This Sweet Love, No Pins Allowed etc) but what I heard of his new stuff, it’s just as good!

  • I wanted to go see him in Leeds a year or so ago, couldn’t find anybody to go with. He sounds like a great live show