James Blake – Limit To Your Love

  • 25 Oct 10

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Dubstep. Take a moment and use your minds ear(?), envisage a fleet of particularly aggressive lawnmowers, speedily making their way down a wind tunnel, while just off to their right, Rick Waller lets off on an ever revolving roundabout. Trap the resultant skull crushing frequency, and confine it to the inside of Citreon Saxo. THAT’S Dubstep *. According to the almighty ‘’genre lords’’ James Blake falls into this category, (although recent uber-muso term ‘’Post-dubstep’’ recently claimed him as its own…). Regardless of classification, Blake’s musical endeavours are intricately brilliant. ‘Limit to your love’ utilises knowing minimalism, bringing together fragile single layers of piano and bassy synth, depending more on tense silences and lack of layering to wring out every last drop of emotion possible. Even his vocal alone is enough to make The XX seem as subtle as Pendulum. Introspective enough for you?!

*(Tactless criticism of Dubstep for ironic and humour purposes only) **

** (But not really)