• 09 May 10

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Before you close this tab in disgust, let me make it clear, the above song doesn’t concern THAT u2… Those aware of IAM’s lengthy and bizzare output, will either be violently tired of this seemingly never ending campaign, or loving the nonsensical story arcs and creepy goings on. I would advise those who have forced themselves out of the loop, to rejoin the latter, as recent video’s show a whole new side to the artist(s?) in question. Jonna Lee up until the ”u” series, was the main suspect behind the murderous plant woman, but with sellotape beard dance pants guy taking the spotlight, it is becoming increasingly apparent this is a collaborative effort. The song in question is undoubtedly IAM’s most fulfilling track to date, with the sound of the early 30 second virals resurrected, into a dark club banger not too dissimilar to Bloc Party main man’s Wiley pilfering debut ”Tenderoni”, (this is much, much better executed). With rumours of the LP dropping in May, it might be over before we know it, personally I would see this campaign run for as long as it can.