Holy Ghost! – I Know, I Hear

  • 27 Jul 10

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If there’s any sure fire way to get your name on these hallowed pages then it’s probably adding a¬† disco element, for with great funkiness comes great coverage…. -Ahem- something like that anyway. Which brings us to Holy Ghost!’s new single called ‘I Know, I Hear’ with an infectious disco beat and funky guitars pushed way back in the mix, eventually giving way to tribal overtones. It’s effortlessly danceable and will doubtlessly give way to a million and one remixes, including one by Holy Ghost! themselves seeings as they seem to be on a mission to remix every song ever written by anyone. Including that one you wrote for your crush when you were 12 on piano and had the same 3 chords over and over again but slowly getting faster (great song, by the way).

Hear it above!