Teengirl fantasy – Portofino

  • 28 Oct 09

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Hailing from the trendy hipster label Merok (owned by none other than the moody buzz cut member of The Big Pink, Milo Cordell, and former home of Klaxons) comes Teengirl Fantasy. From the first listen it’s glaringly obvious why Mickles would pick up such a band, swathes of fuzzy noise, interspersed with low-fi VHS samples, and 90’s balearic synths all feature, making the band seem like a more honed version of the Big Pink, relying more on the music than the terrace call choruses (not that that’s a bad thing mind). Relaxing, trippy and addictive, (think Crystal Castles, if Alice sat down and had a cup of tea instead of writhing about like someone stuck broken glass to her tampon)

http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Teengirl_Fantasy/track/Portofino – Free download of Portofino