Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

  • 14 Jun 10

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Funnily enough, me and fellow Misc.Music contributor JT (you can just call him Joe) were recently wandering aimlessly around a record store discussing the fact that Gorillaz have yet to continue the story laid out in video form by Stylo, we spent literally moments agonising over the amount of time it’s been, and now, as if Jamie Hewlett himself was following us around the shop they’ve gone ahead and released “On Melancholy Hill” as their newest single. Painfully pretty, insanely lovelorn and as imaginative as any other Gorillaz track “On Melancholy Hill” might well be the highlight of Plastic Beach, check it out above and get caught up with the gang on their journey to Plastic Beach.

Oooooh, how exciting.