Girls – Oh My Love

  • 22 Jul 10

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Oh didn’t you hear? Writing country songs in the hope that Taylor Swift rerecords them is totally the new hotness. At least according to Girls mastermind Chris Owen it is, who’s written this little ol’ song called “Oh My Love” and now plays it live in his bedroom (a step up! Hurrr). As it turns out, ‘Oh My Love’ is a surprisingly gorgeous love song featuring some of the deftest guitar work of his recorded career. Skip on to 1:50 for the fun to begin unless you REALLY enjoy the sight of a man shuffling about awkwardly and tuning his guitar, in which case knock yourself out.

(This is usually the bit where I say that a new Girls album is forthcoming and when it comes out. I have no such information)

Thought for the day: Is it just me or does Chris Owen look like a (more) drug addled, male version of Kristen Stewart?