Friendly Fires and Azari & III – Stay Here

  • 20 Aug 10

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Whaaaat?! Do mine ears deceive me?! 4 to the floor carnival beats, Balearic synths and vocals dripping with so much seduction, you’d swear Bazza White had been reincarnated as a pasty posh boy from Saint Albans….ON A FRIENDLY FIRES TRACK!? Okay so it might not be a reinvention the proportions of MGMT, but seriously could you imagine how much more awkward Ed Mcfarlane’s dance moves would be, was he thrusting his crotch around to songs resembling anything off ”Congratulations”? No me either, frankly I don’t want to, for fear of inducing night terrors, thank god then that the dance funk trio have preserved their sound, in this teaser collab from the latest ”Suck My Deck” (snigger) compilation mixed by the boys themselves. Hurray for aggressively middle class white dance music!