Foals – This Orient (Live at the BBC)

  • 23 Apr 10

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Alright, so you’re Foals. You’ve gone out and impressed everyone with the maturity and restraint shown on your first single “Spanish Sahara“, a slow burning epic that really should belong to somebody else other than you, you ‘math-rock’ peddler. Where do you go for your second single? Why of course! You decide to push out a song that sounds like Bloc Party’s middle class step brother. So be fair, it isn’t a bad song, it just feels like Foals have personally lied to my face about the prospects of “Total Life Forever” (That’s the forthcoming album, by the way), I almost feel as if they said “Hey Alec, The album will be made up of Spanish Sahara on repeat for an hour” And I would have said “Yes, that’s fine. Carry on”. Sigh. Expect by the books “Epic”, twitchy guitar and crashing drums around the chorus for some temporary pleasure.

FUN FACT: After turning into Adam Buxton in the video for “Spanish Sahara” he’s now turned into Ken Korda (a Adam Buxton character). Where will he go next?


  • Yaaaaay for sarcy Foals posts!! šŸ˜‰

    Mate, I like it. I hated the first album, which I can’t even remember the name of I wanted to erase it from my head so much – but this sounds so much better, their new stuff has so much more depth to it than their little math rock ditties. Shudder.

    and you’re spot on with ‘Bloc Party’s middle class brother’!