Darwin Deez – Constellations

  • 18 Sep 10

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You’re disenchanted, tired, worn out. You’ve had enough of music, nothing appeals to you anymore. If only they made singers that looked more like a Hasidic Jew crossed with your friendly neighborhood hipster. That’s what you’ve wanted all along, from the start, why won’t they listen to your cries of pain?

Well don’t go killing yourself just yet, son. Darwin Deez has swooped in to pick up the slack in this surprisingly untapped market. Yes, my child, he with the glorious curls has returned with another quite wonderful video (see his first quite wonderful video here). This time for ‘Constellations’, which ranks as #2 on the ‘this is obvious single material’ hit list from his debut album and features his trademark guitar tuning, relaxed delivery and my-hands-are-bleeding-from-so-much-fucking-clapping hand claps.

Watch, admire, maybe dance a little. Hey, it’s a free country*

*Misc.Music does not take responsibility if infact your country is not free. SUX 2 B U